About Us

Can’t Dance Can creatively engages people. We capture people’s attention, involve and interest them enabling people to think differently, try something new or approach a topic in a different way.

  What do we offer?

Can’t Dance Can works within Education, Communities and Health to offer participation, performance and support in the form of workshops, projects, platforms and training. Each project or workshop is bespoke so it is unique to the people and organisation we work with. Our work is strengthened by working with other art forms and professionals such as youth workers, teachers, life coaches and disability support workers.

  Why Dance?

Working in Creative Movement and Dance ensures that everything we deliver is inclusive, person centred and failure free. Individuals are encouraged to make decisions, work together, support each other and take ownership of what they create. By working creatively we empower people to be confident about who they are and their choices. Dance is a great way to engage people as it appeals to different types of learners, is fun and active.

  Who do we engage?

Everyone! We have worked with people aged 2 to over 100 years of age. We have a lot of experience working with people with disabilities, disengaged young people, professionals, older people and those with additional needs. We are completely flexible and design projects around your groups.

  The Company

Can’t Dance Can is a registered charity (no: 1115930) and any profit made is invested straight back into the projects and communities we work with to achieve our charitable aims. The aims of the organisation are:

  • To provide dance opportunities for all
  • To work in partnership with other organisations to explore new ideas and encourage collaborations
  • To provide training opportunities that strengthen and develop the organisation and the further advancement of dance artists and teachers
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of the communities we work with

To become a benchmark organisation in terms of dance resources and of a professional approach to community arts